Let us introduce HS8 and HP8

The long-anticipated size 8 is finally here. Say hi to HS8 and HP8.

Our efficient and result-oriented mixer familys' High Shear and High Power has expanded! A new size and with a complete documentation to support and validate your demands. 


Bigger volumes in less time

The HS8 and HP8 are for the same applications that already exisiting model sizes handle, but they are able to process bigger volumes - saving valuable time in production.

The High Shear series: mixes whatever doesn't want to get mixed.


The High Shear mixer consists of a magnetically driven high-speed rotor in close proximity to a fixed stator. The created close-clearance gap between these two parts, in combination with high relative speed between them generates extremly high-shear forces as the material is processed though the High Shear Mixer.

Read more about the High Shear technology



The High Power series: extra mixing muscles at your service. 


The High Power mixer is a solid and liquid mixer with the main objective to create and maintain a dispersion of solids in a liquid phase suitable for the desired process result. 

Read more about the High Power technology


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