high shear LR-shade

High Shear

For emulsification and high shear applications


Optimized balance between mixing and shearing

The High Shear is a magnetic rotor/stator aseptic mixer for your critical fine emulsions and dispersions.

It disperses droplets and creates an even particle size distribution, enabling downstream high-pressure emulsification. The Metenova HS is ideal for emulsification applications, difficult to dissolve solids, and particle downsizing.


Aseptic high shear functionality

Fully aseptic magnetically coupled rotor/stator solution.

HS back LR

Made for batch production

Optimized balance between mixing and shearing.

ZG2+Flange med mixer_2-1-1

Up-time optimized

Ensures reliable production with minimal downtime and fast turnover time at maintenance stops.

The Zero gravity technology

The High Shear mixer is based upon the Metenova patented Zero Gravity technology, which allows for the most aseptic, reliable, and efficient magnetic mixer. This is what makes it so. 

The patented robust design provides a magnetic “cushion” that acts like a suspension during the installation of the mix head and transport of the vessel.

The patented design provides extremely low wear and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The Zero Gravity Technology enables a very high level of aseptic design.

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