High Shear Mixer

For emulsification and high shear applications

High Shear Mixer

For emulsification and high shear applications

The High Shear mixer offers a rotor/stator aseptic magnetic mixer for your critical fine emulsions and dispersions. Metenova’s High Shear mixers disperse droplets and create an even particle size distribution, enabling downstream high-pressure emulsification. The Metenova HS is ideal for emulsification applications, difficult to dissolve solids, and particle downsizing.

  • Magnetic shock absorber
  • Floating Zero-g bearing technology
  • Superior mixing performance
  • Robust design
  • Technology Upgrade options
  • Highest level of aseptic design
  • Ease of use
  • Designed for easy scale-up

Why the High Shear Mixer?



The High Shear mixer uses a Rotor/stator configuration to effectively cut and disperse one phase of an ingredient into a main continuous phase.


Mixes what doesn't want to get mixed

The High Shear mixer doesn't take no for an answer. This thorough mixer forces even the most difficult substances together.

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Multi function solutions

Well suited to combine with the Zero-g mixers to create a multi-function use of the vessel. The combined mixing systems in the same vessel allow for vortex control and foam limitation which is important for powder addition applications.


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