Truelev Mobile

Ideal for shear-sensitive mixing in mobile vessels


Safe vessel transport with mixer in-place

Benefit from the extraordinary Truelev platform, in the moveable version Truelev Mobile. The Truelev Mobile contains the same state-of-the-art technology and mixing performance with its bearing-less features, but with a difference, its built-in transportation features.  A maneuver that is particularly effective for mobile vessels during the different production processes.

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Why Truelev Mobile?


Move freely

When removing the Drive Unit, the Mix Head will slide onto its bumpers and safely land on the Tank Plate in the vessel. When attaching the transport device, it allows you to freely move the vessel with the Mix Head mounted. 
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For all transport needs

During different manufacturing steps, it might be required to move the empty or filled vessel without the Drive Unit attached. Such applications could be: moving vessels from the production area to a filling machine, sterilization of the complete batch in autoclave, internal move of vessels for storage, and transporting vessels to other plant locations.
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Safe for product equipment

The Truelev Mobile design saves the integrity of both end-product as well as mixing equipment, making sure no harm is done during transportation. 
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Aseptically designed for CIP/SIP

The product meets the requirements of cleanability and aseptic design, needed for the pharmaceutical industry. 


Detailed information

Fully levitating, bearing-less technology for critical, shear- sensitive mixing applications. The Truelev Mobile version comes with built-in transportation features.

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