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Our Tools & Accessories product line offers intuitive solutions that will reduce downtime during maintenance, as well as an innovative pre-design solution for small vessel challenges.
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A product program designed to enhance the mixing performance when dealing with smaller vessels.
For installation and maintenance.


Dished End: When space is a challenge

ZG2+Flange med mixer_2


When mixing smaller volumes, the vessel becomes more narrow and with a normal design where the mixer is placed on the side of the bottom and the outlet in the middle. The manufacturing of the vessel becomes challenging and involves a high risk of warpage during welding of the components into the bottom dish.
The location of the mixer is limited, and often the mixer cannot be placed in the optimal position meaning the best mixing performance cannot be achieved. All the different materials and welding need to be recorded and documented during validation.

The solution: Dished End

All-in-one: pre-defined optimal design, reducing engineering time.
Enabling small tank installation otherwise not possible: due to the off-center outlet location, the mixer can be put in the optimal location for the best mixing performance.
All of the risky weldings are completely eliminated: the entire Dished End is manufactured from a single block of material.
The need for validation and documentation is reduced thanks to the use of a single raw material.
Mixing performance optimized by combining the correct mixer, mixer location, and vessel design ensuring reliable and predictable performance.


Dished End product portfolio

ZG2 med mixer_1-1

ZG2 - ZG all-in-one

Integrate the high-efficiency mixing performance of the Zero-g platform into a single dish, free of welding with a high aseptic design and optimal location of the mixer for the best result.

ZG2+Flange med mixer_1

ZG2 & Flange - Combinating two applications

By combining the high shear or high power with the Zero-g platforms, a multifunction system is achieved. This product allows for combining high shear applications with normal mixing.

Flange med mixer_1

Flange - Offers flexibility between platforms

The flange version provides a flexible solution for medium and high shear applications and accommodates both the high shear and high power platforms.

ZF100 med mixer_2

Truelev - Low shear premium innovation

The astonishing Truelev mixer provides a completely unique performance perfect for your low shear application. The mixing system can be run on minimal volumes, ensuring minimal product loss.


An intuitive modular tool system

tool family 3Our range of tools is created to make the process of installation and maintenance of our mixers easy and hassle-free.

With the right equipment, maintenance can be performed on-site, with no need of sending the products to us, resulting in significantly reduced downtime. 

Benefits of using the Metenova Tools

Avoid risks associated with tank entry: Tank entries are a highly regulated procedure since there is a significant risk for the person performing the tank entry. With Metenova's Tool series, tank entries can be entirely eliminated for a majority of our products.

Avoid damages to the product while installing: Using the tools is safe and easy, eliminating risk for people installing, risk of damaging mixer parts, and ensuring the safety and quality of the final product being produced.

Avoid downtime: Regular preventive maintenance with Metenova's tools will avoid downtime and ensure the quality of the final product.


The convenient and agile modular tool system

Makes it possible to build together several extensions to reach down into deep vessels. Can even be used when the space above the vessel is limited since assembly and disassembly can be done when the tool system is lowered or taken out of the vessel. 


Tools product portfolio

Lifting&tightening family-1

Lifting & Tightening

The Lifting Tools are used for assembly and disassembly of Mix Heads. Tightening Tools are used for assembly of Male Post and the High Shear Stator. These tools make installation and disassembly of our Mixers both easy and safe. It is possible to build together several extensions to adapt the tools to reach down into deep vessels.

mounting family


Mounting platform to replace Female Sleeve inside Mix Head.

welding family


Our selection of welding tools is the ideal helping hand when welding tank plates into the vessel. Making sure you get the ultimate conditions for your mixing.

Extension Rods





HP Lifting Tool, Mix Head





HS Lifting Tool, rotor





ZF Lifting tool, Mix Head





ZG Lifting tool, Mix Head





HS Tightening Tool, stator





Tightening Tool, Male Post





ZG Tightening Tools with guide, Male Post





Mounting Tool, Female Sleeve





Welding Tools