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Tools & accessories

Intuitive tools for maintenance and preventive product care


An intuitive modular tool system

Our range of tools is created to make the process of installation and maintenance of our mixers easy and hassle-free. With the right equipment, maintenance can be performed on-site, with no need of sending the products to us, resulting in significantly reduced downtime. 

The convenient and agile modular tool system

Makes it possible to build together several extensions to reach down into deep vessels. Can even be used when the space above the vessel is limited since assembly and disassembly can be done when the tool system is lowered or taken out of the vessel. 

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Gear up to streamline your equipment

  • Avoid risks associated with tank entry:
    Tank entries are a highly regulated procedure since there is a significant risk for the person performing the tank entry. With Metenova's Tool series, tank entries can be entirely eliminated for a majority of our products.
  • Avoid damages to the product while installing:
    Using the tools is safe and easy, eliminating risk for people installing, the risk of damaging mixer parts, and ensuring the safety and quality of the final product being produced.
  • Avoid downtime:
    Regular preventive maintenance with Metenova's tools will avoid downtime and ensure the quality of the final product.

Our tools



Extension rods

hp lifting tool

HP Lifting Tool, Mix Head

hs lifting

HS Lifting Tool, rotor

zf lifting

ZF Lifting tool, Mix Head


ZG Lifting tool, Mix Head

hs tightenning

HS Tightening Tool, stator

tightening tool male post

Tightening Tool, Male Post

zg tightening tool with guides

ZG Tightening Tools with guide, Male Post

mounting tool female sleeve

Mounting Tool, Female Sleeve


Welding Tools