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Why does preventive maintenance matter
more than ever?

As biopharmaceutical processes make new advances, the requirements on the equipment in the production plants are constantly increasing. A demand for higher yield, lower downtime, and less risk for contaminating batches, all point to selecting equipment of the highest standards. However, once installed, this equipment need proper care to perform at its best, time after time.

Advantages with preventive care

Metenova Zero-g mixers include slide bearings. Regular replacement ensures that the bearings are always in optimal condition, maintaining the performance and reliability of the equipment they support. Elastomers, such as O-rings, are exposed during pharma production to a demanding environment, with high temperatures and various types of chemicals. Regular maintenance with the replacement of O-rings is important to maintain the high aseptic standard. Carelessness with this maintenance can lead to leakage, cross-contamination, and risk to the function of the equipment.

The slide bearings play a crucial role in supporting rotating or sliding components the Zero-g mixer. By replacing them regularly, you can prevent excessive wear, and damage to the mating surfaces. This, in turn, extends the overall lifespan of the equipment.

While regular replacements may seem like an additional expense, they offer cost savings in the bigger picture. By replacing slide bearings proactively, you avoid the potential for more extensive damage that could occur if worn-out bearings are left in place. Therefore, you can anticipate and plan for associated costs.

Neglecting of maintenance of slide bearings can lead to increased friction, heat generation, and energy loss. By replacing them regularly, you ensure that the mixer operates with optimal efficiency.

Unplanned equipment downtime can be disruptive and costly. By proactively maintaining machinery, you can prevent unexpected breakdowns, schedule maintenance during planned downtime, and minimize interruptions to production or operations.​

service interval

Service intervals

Our general recommendation is an annual service to ensure the best possible product care, however, the interval cycle length is dependent on the product use, e.g.

  • In many cases, the mixer is supplied years before actual production begins, and has undergone numerous sterilization cycles in the preparation processes, we recommend a service before the start of production.

  • More frequent replacement intervals are needed at demanding operating conditions, such as sterilization temperatures above 140°C (284F) or operation in a corroding environment.

  • The general recommendation of annual services is based on normal operation 8h/day. If exceeding these hours of operation, bearings are recommended to be replaced more frequently. This can be, for example, driving with abrasive media, 24/7 operation, driving at high speed for long periods, and frequent dry running of bearings.

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