For low shear applications

Fully levitating, bearing-less technology for critical shear-sensitive mixing applications

The Truelev Mixer is an astonishing breakthrough in mixing technology, eliminating all known shortcomings of previous mixer designs in one giant technological leap. The revolutionary design with its bearing-less fully levitating Mix Head is perfect for shear-sensitive products. Truelev offers unique control and measuring capability that can be leveraged in all critical process vessels.

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The ultimate low shear mixer

The fully levitating bearing-less Truelev Technology keeps the mix head floating free, allowing outstanding low shear mixing.


Maintenance free

Truelev has no wear parts and no moving parts in the motor for a truly maintenance-free mixer.

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Superior mixing control

The mixer collects real-time performance data, which is valuable for both process analytics and mixer control.

The Truelev technology

The Truelev Technology is the most advanced mixing technology available perfect for shear-sensitive applications such as mixing proteins minimizing the potential for shear damage.

By removing the mechanical friction of bearings and replacing it with a Mix Head free-floating on an active electromagnetic bearing, the technology has eliminated the risk of components potentially damaging the solution. This also enables maintenance-free mixing with a very low risk of breakage or wear.


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Fully levitating, bearing-less technology for critical, shear- sensitive mixing applications.

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