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By predicting a mixing result in advance, it allows you to laborate, make adjustments, and optimize the result before purchasing and installing a mixer. With over four decades of market experience, our team members at Metenova can help you find the perfect solution for you and your project. This is done through the Evaluation Services that we provide. The different services can be combined, or they can be utilized as stand-alone depending on the project’s needs.

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Mixer Selector


Our Mixer Selector is available to you to on-demand, and around the clock. By entering which application and/or tank parameters, the selector will configure the input and suggest which mixer and mixer size  that would be suitable for your project.

Application lab


During an application lab test we will be able to verify a process and result, and that the equipment and liquid material behave as intended. Participate either on-site in our lab, on a live digital link, or in a full video afterward – either way, you will be able to see the results for yourself.

CFD analysis


By performing a CFD analysis you will get a digital replica of the intended mixing process, with the correct vessel conditions, material viscosity, etc, and will get a full simulation insight on the performance.


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