Zero-g Biomixer

Excellent gentle mixing for bioreactors

Zero-g Biomixer is the multistage bioreactor mixer from Metenova. The mixer is a magnetically coupled bottom mounted mixer for aseptic processes that ensures full integrity of the bioreactor.

It offers excellent gentle mixing and features Metenovas patented Zero Gravity Technology, a unique magnetic bearing, minimizing the risk of damaged ceramics, that is common with traditional bearings. To ensure uptime and robustness, the new bioreactor mixer features a new heavy duty bearing design to manage the higher forces associated with long shafts and wider blades, needed for bioreactors.

Your customized bioreactor impellers can be implemented, minimizing the need for revalidation.

Why Zero-g Biomixer?


Integrity by design

The magnetically coupled bottom mounted mixer is the optimum solution for aseptic and sterile vessels. The mechanical seals and associated aseptic risks are completely removed.

The cleaning and sterilization is simplified with a bottom mounted mixer. A single spray ball is often enough, and the procedure can be carried out quicker.

The bottom mounted mixer provides easy access and shortens installation and maintenance time. It also lowers the risk for the staff


Safe and robust

The Zero Gravity Technology, in a heavy-duty version, ensures safe operation and maximizes production uptime.

The built-in magnetic suspension system provides a soft installation of the mixer head and eliminates the frequent problem to damage the vertical thrust bearings at installation. The magnetic suspension also ensures a safe transport of the vessel. There is also a significant lower risk of bearing damage, if the mixers is unintentionally run dry.

The Zero Gravity Technology eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure due to a damaged vertical thrust bearing. This can lead to destroyed mixer and vessel. The technology also minimizes the risk of cracks in ceramic bearings that can lead to cross contamination and sterility failure.


Customize your impeller design

The mixer comes with the commonly used elephant ear blade design. Customized impeller options are available, which can minimize the need for revalidation of already validated processes of a particular blade design. This allows for an excellent mixing performance by leveraging known optimal blade designs for specific applications.