High Power mixer for powder and vigorous mixing applications

With its high rotational speed, High Power mixer effectively transfers the power to the liquid, managing both challenging powder incorporation applications as well as quickly mixing to a homogenous solution.    

Examples of applications include suspension or resuspension of sinking powder, incorporate or drawdown floating solids, and breaking down lump forming powders or rapid mixing of buffer solutions.

The main characteristics of the High Power mixer is the robustness of the mix head design, and the speed- and power input that the drive unit provides. Combined, these characteristics enables time efficient mixing for otherwise time-consuming processes and hard-to-mix material. The motor is directly driven, no gear-box, and the max speed of the mixer is 1700 rpm.

Key variables for designing a vessel with a High Power mixer is the volumes, and the physical and chemical properties of the solid, liquid and resulting slurry. These variables then determine the vessel design and mixer size. For floating powders it is important for the vessel to be optimized for vortex conditions, if the powder sinks and just needs to be resuspended the optimal flow pattern in the vessel is achieved without a vortex.

HP5 lab


Metenova Application Lab for verifying your mixer selection

At Metenova, we can aid the customer to perform tests to ensure a correct chosen mixer and vessel design.  Let us simulate how your process will function so you as a customer ca feel safe and secure in your process before Factory Acceptance Test.