Zero-g Plastic

For chemical applications

Zero-g Plastic Magnetic Mixer

For chemical applications

Our Zero-g Plastic Mixers provide a cost-efficient version of the Zero-g mixer particularly targeting chemical applications. Zero-g Plastic’s unique mixing technology can also be used in Carboys with an integrated mixer and delivers the same powerful mixing result in a Carboy as in a conventional mixing vessel. This product line is a great alternative to costly high alloy versions for demanding chemical applications. 

  • Magnetic shock absorber
  • PP USP class VI, FDA compliant
  • Floating Zero-G bearing technology
  • Superior mixing performance
  • Highest level of aseptic design
  • Ease of use
  • Designed for easy scale-up

Why Zero-g Plastic Mixer?


Metal-free design

With only pharmaceutical-grade plastic in product contact, this mixer is perfect to integrate into the plastic vessels.


Chemically stable materials

Zero-g Plastic mixers are optimized for Cleaning In-Place (CIP) and are aseptically designed with zero dead-leg with large fluid paths for high throughput of the cleaning agent. All Zero-g Plastic mixers use Aseptic Gap-Free Bearing Design.

ZGP cad 5

Cost-efficient solution

The Zero-g Plastic offers a cost-efficient solution for aggressive chemicals and an attractive alternative to high alloys.


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