Zero-g Plastic

For chemical applications

Durable to withstand chemical wear

Zero-g Plastic is a non-metallic pharma grade mixer for chemical applications. The mixer provides a cost-efficient version of the Zero-g mixer particularly targeting chemical applications. Zero-g Plastic’s unique mixing technology can also be used in Carboys with an integrated mixer and delivers the same powerful mixing result in a Carboy as in a conventional mixing vessel. This product line is a great alternative to costly high alloy versions for demanding chemical applications. 


Metal-free design

Chemically stable with only pharmaceutical-grade plastic in product contact.


Service friendly

The bottom-mounted solution offers no need for headspace. The bearing is easily accessed and replaced, minimizing downtime during maintenance. optimized for Cleaning In-Place (CIP).



A cost-efficient solution for aggressive chemicals and an attractive alternative to high alloys.

The Zero gravity technology

The Zero-g Plastic mixer is based upon the Metenova patented Zero Gravity technology, which allows for the most aseptic, reliable, and efficient magnetic mixer. This is what makes it so. 

The patented robust design provides a magnetic “cushion” that acts like a suspension during the installation of the mix head and transport of the vessel.

The patented design provides extremely low wear and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The Zero Gravity Technology enables a very high level of aseptic design.

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Detailed information

Non-metallic pharma grade
mixer for chemical applications.

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