A group of innovators

Metenova, a Repligen company, is a leading innovator and manufacturer of magnetic mixers for pharmaceutical and biotechnology use. Our journey began in 2009, driven by the aspiration to provide products and services that enable reliable and sustainable healthcare. By providing state-of-the-art technology for aseptic and sterile mixing applications, we strive to contribute to the advancement of the industry. As a subsidiary of Repligen Corporation, we operate globally within the bioprocessing sector, with offices in Sweden and the US.

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The cornerstones of our DNA are human life and evolutional technology.

Driven by the will to save and improve human lives, by combining science engineering and extensive application knowledge, we innovate unique magnetic mixers to drive the progress of sustainable drug manufacturing into the future.

We are a strong team of creative individuals that together better the world with products that matters, always with the patient’s best at heart.

It’s not just mixing, it’s a way of life.


Four decades of legacy

Metenova was founded in 2009, but the fact is that our founders’ legacy has been around for much longer than that. For over four decades, the team at Metenova has been the driving force in the evolution of magnetically coupled mixers. During this time advancements in manufacturing for both biotech and pharmaceutical products have changed dramatically.

Demand for revolutionary technologies to help with these advancements has always been critical to the industry as scientific breakthroughs combined with great improvements in production efficiency have enabled cures for diseases that would have been fatal not long ago.

The needs of our customers continue to inspire us to improve our designs based on their input combined with our experience, technical expertise, empirical testing, and computer modeling. The results are new products with better functionality and improved reliability.

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