For general mixing applications

Our versatile legacy mixer

Versatile, providing effective and gentle mixing simultaneously, and covering a vast range of applications. The aseptic design and FDA  compliance, combined with the benefits of the Zero-g bearing design make it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

temp ZG-1

Superior mixing

The magnetically coupled bottom
mounted mixer enables contact-less
energy transfer, ensuring full integrity
of the vessel. Any mechanical seals and
associated aseptic risks are completely

Superior mixing performance

High-performance impeller design. Scalable by design with all the mixer sizes you need. Mixing to the last drop.

Ease of use

Risk-free and easy installation. On-site exchangeable spare parts, simplifying preventive maintenance.

Up-time optimized

Robust design, featuring built-in shock absorber. Aseptic by design.

The Zero gravity technology

The Zero-g mixer is based upon the Metenova patented Zero Gravity technology, which allows for the most aseptic, reliable, and efficient magnetic mixer. This is what makes it so. 

The patented robust design provides a magnetic “cushion” that acts like a suspension during the installation of the mix head and transport of the vessel.

The patented design provides extremely low wear and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The Zero Gravity Technology enables a very high level of aseptic design.


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Versatile, providing effective and gentle mixing at the same time, covering a vast range of applications

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