Application lab

Test your product in our lab

In our Application Lab, we can perform a test according to your particular mixing needs, making sure you have the data you need prior to making a purchase decision. 

Validate performance prior to purchase

Metenova can optimize your mixing process and achieve cost-effective results every time. We can help evaluate different mixing solutions for your specific application with trials in our lab. By combining our facilities' specialized equipment with our mixing expertise, we provide you with information and data to base your choice of mixer upon – resulting in a significantly reduced risk of unpleasant and potentially costly surprises.

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Fully equipped lab

Our lab is equipped with mixers, vessels, and our application experts capable of running a wide range of mixing applications. We can assist in optimizing the process and select the best suited Metenova equipment for your application. The test is performed by our Application Engineers. We can also help you determine the effectiveness of existing technology and compare their effectiveness to different Metenova solutions. This way you have reliable facts to base your equipment decisions on. The lab is available either on site in Gothenburg, Sweden - or virtual (recorded or live).


All the equipment you could need

Our purpose-built multi-function vessels facilitate a great variety of test possibilities and can incorporate our different technologies to meet your specific needs. The transparent vessels also allow you to see what is happening inside the vessel in a way that is not possible in a normal production vessel, greatly enhancing the understanding of the mixing behaviors happening inside the vessel.

Carefully monitored and followed up with a report

The tests are carefully prepared and monitored throughout the process. The result is presented in a powerpoint-report, based on your pre-decided purpose and goal.

The tests are carried out by our engineers

All tests are carried out by our experienced engineers, with in-depth knowledge of the business of magnetic mixers. We have knowledge of all application areas.

State-of-the-art broadcasting possibilities

You can choose to monitor the tests yourself, here in our Application Lab in Sweden. You can also choose to either watch the tests live stream or per a recorded video. We carry a fully equipped and advanced video recording system so that you can follow the test every step of the way - wherever you are in the world.
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A straight-forward workflow

With a clear brief process, the goal and expectations will be set and met. 

Customer testimonial

Metenova was able to provide us with great support and expertise in stirrer selection by performing stirring tests in the laboratory. The tests have proceeded very fast and the results helped us with the decision for the right stirring setting for the new vessels. A great example of excellent execution in the fast-track style.

Christina Stern, Lead Production Syringe
Takeda Austria GmbH


Metenova was performing the test, and we were watching, asking questions, and giving suggestions through live stream. The test succeeded with great results, and all that was missing was the actual smell and touch. A good example of doing business during COVID-times.

Monique Otto, Lead & Project Engineer

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