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High Power

For powder and vigorous mixing applications


Small footprint, operating at high rotation speed

Vigorous and rapid mixing for non-shear sensitive products. The Metenova High Power mixer's open design and high-power input make it perfect for breaking down lump-forming powders, or rapid mixing of buffer solutions. The product's extensive volume range makes it ideal for a wide span of vessel sizes in typical upstream applications.


Fast and powerful

The open design and powerful, fast-spinning mixing head effectively break lumps and other unhomogenized particles in seconds.



The Mix Head is made out of one piece, providing an aseptic and robust high-speed design.

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Enables excellent mixing with a smaller solution, operating at high rotation speed.

The Zero gravity technology

The Zero-g mixer is based upon the Metenova patented Zero Gravity technology, which allows for the most aseptic, reliable, and efficient magnetic mixer. This is what makes it so.

The patented robust design provides a magnetic “cushion” that acts like a suspension during the installation of the mix head and transport of the vessel.

The patented design provides extremely low wear and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The Zero Gravity Technology enables a very high level of aseptic design.

high power

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Vigorous and rapid mixing for non-shear sensitive products.

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