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How does this calculator work?
In some applications the vortex is essential, (eg. for powder incorporation). The tank shape drives vortex behaviour and when the liquid height is >1.2:1 (h/d) the vortex will appear. With a liquid height < 1:1 (h/d) vortex will not appear and recommended to avoid vortex when not desired. (eg. for foaming products).

Vessel & viscosity configurator

This tool helps you choose you ZG/ZGP mixer and drive unit depending on your vessels size and the liquids viscosity.

Please fill in your liquids viscosity and your tanks specifications

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Versatile, providing effective and gentle mixing at the same time, covering a vast range of applications


Truelev Mobile

Fully levitating, bearing-less technology for critical, shear- sensitive mixing applications. The Truelev Mobile version comes with built-in transportation features.

high power


Vigorous and rapid mixing for non-shear sensitive products.