Repeat-use solutions

Our aseptic stainless steel mixers 

Patented mixers for optimal results

Our bottom-mounted stainless mixers allow for the most efficient mixing performance with the highest aseptic design on the market. Together with an intuitive use of operation, the mixers are designed to meet each process's needs and requirements. 

Our technology, explained

The Zero Gravity technology

The innovation replaces the horizontal thrust bearing with two repelling magnets. This minimizes the risk of damaged ceramics, which is common with traditional bearings.

The patented robust design provides a magnetic “cushion” that acts like a suspension during the installation of the mix head and transport of the vessel. The patented design provides extremely low wear and maintenance is kept to a minimum. The Zero Gravity Technology enables a very high level of aseptic design.

The Truelev technology

The Truelev Technology is the most advanced mixing technology available perfect for shear-sensitive applications such as mixing proteins minimizing the potential for shear damage.

By removing the mechanical friction of bearings and replacing it with a Mix Head free-floating on an active electromagnetic bearing, the technology has eliminated the risk of components potentially damaging the solution. This also enables maintenance-free mixing with a very low risk of breakage or wear.

Our repeat-use mixers

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Help in navigating your decision of mixer?

The intended application area determines your choice of mixer.

By predicting a mixing result in advance, it allows you to laborate, make adjustments, and optimize the result before purchasing and installing a mixer. With over four decades of market experience, our team members at Metenova can help you find the perfect solution for you and your project. This is done through the Evaluation Services that we provide. 


Customized design

We create customized solutions for you and your project.

There are several occasions when, even with an extensive range of standard mixer solutions, an “off the shelf solution” just doesn’t cut it. Our skilled engineers create special designs that suit your demands, whether it is to meet certain geometric constraints or adapt the mixer to an existing vessel design.