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As a market leader within biotech- and pharmaceutical mixing, we develop and manufacture mag mixing technologies to achieve the optimal solution for every application.

Cutting-edge magnetic mixing

With our extensive engineering and application knowledge, we provide market-leading solutions within bottom-mounted magnetic mixers.

Why choose a Metenova mixer?


Magnetically coupled mixer

Our mixers are magnetically coupled through the bottom of the tank with no need for mechanical seals, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.


Aseptic by design

Our baseline of mixers uses Aseptic Gap-Free Bearing Design. They are optimized for Cleaning and Sterilization In-Place (CIP/SIP) and are aseptically designed with zero dead-leg with large fluid paths for high throughput of the cleaning agent.


Superior performance

The high-efficient Mix Head design, in combination with the unique bearings, provides a superior mixing performance. We offer high-performance products for all applications.


Reliable & Robust

The mixer's durable and robust design ensures reliable production with minimal downtime and fast turnover time at maintenance stops.


Customer Support

Leverage the input from our experienced application specialists and engineers throughout the entire project!

Our mixers

temp ZG-1


For general mixing applications

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temp newHS

High Shear

For emulsification and high shear applications

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High Power

For powder and vigorous mixing applications

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temp ZGP-1

Zero-g Plastic

For chemical applications

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temp truelev-2


For low shear applications

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Not sure which mixer to choose?

The intended application area determines your choice of mixer.

Try out our Mixer Configurator to find out which one is the perfect fit for your project. 


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Customized design

We create customized solutions for you and your project.

There are several occasions when, even with an extensive range of standard mixer solutions, an “off the shelf solution” just doesn’t cut it. Our skilled engineers create special designs that suit your demands, whether it is to meet certain geometric constraints or adapt the mixer to an existing vessel design.


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