Upgrade your existing mixer to our state-of-the-art technology

January 17, 2022 2 min read

We offer the possibility to leverage the market-leading technology of Metenova, even on your existing older products - with a hassle-free update process! This is how it's done.

Advance your technology

By replacing the Outer Driving Head, Male Post, and Mix Head from your previous supplier (reach out to learn about replaceable suppliers and models), you can still use the welded-in Tank Plate as well as Drive Unit without having to cut and weld in your existing vessel.

The performance of the technology market leader

Avoid the risks associated with outdated equipment and instead, leverage the benefits with our market-leading technology

  • Built-in robustness: The unique magnetic shock absorber in the bearing makes it resilient during transport. Ideal for mobile vessels.
  • Improve cleanability: The highest aseptic performance combined with the open design allows for easy and reliable cleaning.
  • Service friendliness: No need to ship the mixer for maintenance to us, the wear parts can easily be replaced onsite.
  • Customer support: A solution-driven and agile technology supplier with extensive mixing expertise.
  • High availability: Models are on the shelf and ready to deliver.



With a long experience in the engineering of magnetic mixers, and comprehensive knowledge of hands-on application – we keep challenging the limits of mixing technologies.

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