How to install a Male Post

Performing service on your mixer is the key to ensure long life for your equipment and avoid unforeseen downtime.

One part that needs regular service is the Male Post. The Male Post is, together with the Female Sleeve, the Mixer bearing.

How often do you need to perform a service?

By performing regular service and replacing spare parts, you can eliminate the risk of unforeseen malfunctions due to wear. The timeframe for when you need to replace spare parts vary depending on application area, and it is therefore recommended that you do this on a regular basis. A yearly inspection is recommended.  

Inspect the bearing for cracks and abnormal wear.

Even though the O-rings might not show any signs of wear, it is crucial to replace them on a regular basis. Also, whenever you remove the Male Post, the O-rings must be replaced. When reinstalled it is important to use lubricant to ensure that the O-ring enters its proper position. 

After installation, it is important to inspect that the O-ring is intact and in the right position. 

How to replace and install a Male Post


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