Coronavirus vaccine – a distribution challenge

March 20, 2020 2 min read

Efforts unprecedented in history, are put into developing a coronavirus vaccine. As the effects of the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 may turn out disastrous, it is a fight against time. But, only designing and producing an effective vaccine will not be sufficient. There will still be significant challenges before humankind can benefit from vaccine protection.

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It's about people - and society

The total consequences of a pandemic like the COVID-19 are far from limited to the medical consequences of the number of infected individuals. Like people all over the world have already become aware, the entire society is severely affected by reduced efficiency and functions. A coronavirus vaccine is vital not only for medical reasons but also for the global society. And, to be fully effective, vaccination to a limited scale will not be sufficient.

A complicated operation

There is a common misconception that once there is an effective vaccine available, people can get a dose, and the problem is solved. Or, at least it is solved for the vaccinated. 

But finding a vaccine and assure that it is effective and not harmful  is only the first piece in a massive puzzle. For a good result in a population, at least approximately 85% of the citizens need to be vaccinated. To achieve this, the manufacturing of billions of doses with subsequent logistics and distribution must be in place. Such operation has never been seen in history. Unfortunately, transportation and distribution of vaccine differ from most other product distribution.

Watch my video where I explain the hurdles of mass-producing vaccine and the specific challenges with vaccine distribution.

Klaus Hermansen

Klaus is a biotechnical engineer specializing in vaccine technology. He has many years of experience from designing vaccine facilities and vaccine processes design and optimization. Being a WHO counselor, he has previously held key positions in international pharma and biotech companies. Klaus is a member of the Metenova board.

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