Verifying the mixing process in advance with Computational Fluid Dynamics

March 5, 2021 1 min read

Metenova offers CFD services for simulating the behavior of your process application and vessel geometry with our technology. This can answer your questions regarding the design of your vessel and process before finalizing the design. Predicting the result before-hand may in the long run save a lot of valuable time, money and reduces risk. So, let’s dive deeper into the subject of computational simulations of fluids. 

When mixing in closed stainless steel vessels, the performance that occurs within the fluid is invisible. Therefore, to optimize the quality and to make the mixing more effective, CFD is a great tool.

In our CFD software, a virtual replica of the process vessel and mixer is created that can perform virtual experiments. The software can take into account factors like viscosity, density, temperatures, and other impacts on the product. It provides quick feedback and information such as mixing time, turbulence intensity, shear values, etc. This tool allows us to test different solutions which will, in the end, help to optimize the final process design and will mitigate the risk of design flaws that can in the worse case be found during the start up of a new process line.

It is very important to calibrate the virtual world with reality. Metenova’s extensive experience combined with our application test capabilities helps to ensure and validate this.

Therese Häggkvist
Therese Häggkvist

Therese Häggkvist is the Marketing Application Specialist at Metenova, with a background in product development. Therese has a Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering.

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