ZF - Free Floating Mixer

For Low Shear Applications

The ZF Mixer is an astonishing breakthrough in engineering, eliminating all known flaws of previous mixer designs in one giant technological leap! The revolutionary ZF with its bearing-less fully levitating technology is perfect for shear sensitive products. This product is our high-end mixer that offers a unique control and measuring capability that can be leveraged in all tanks, final drug substance holding tanks or bioreactors. 

  • No bearing
  • No shear bearing design
  • No wear parts
  • Only stainless steel in product contact
  • No moving parts in the motor
  • Highest level of aseptic design
  • Superior mixing and operating control
  • High efficiency Mix Head design
  • Max temp 135 °C

The Ultimate Solution

Over 30 years our founders have strived for the perfect solution to mixing, with every generation coming closer to the Ultimate Solution. Now we
can proudly say – this is it! An astonishing breakthrough in engineering, eliminating all
known flaws of previous mixer designs in one
giant technological leap!

No more bearings, no shear in the bearing and no risk of contamination. All our clients wishes satisfied in one unit.
This revolutionary mixing solution levitates the mix head in a magnetic all axis forcefield and is frictionless, as no mixer surfaces ever touch. All while delivering the mixing capability Metenova is renowned for, capable of even the most demanding mixing applications.

Why Metenova´s ZF Mixer?

No Bearing or Wear parts

The Metenova ZF mixer is levitated and rotated by a powerful magnetic field. No bearing or wear parts exist in this revolutionary design

No moving parts in motor

The motor is of solid-state type with no moving parts. The rotation is generated by a active magnetic field that both levitates and drives the mixer

Free floating mixer

The mixer head is floating in an active magnetic field and are not exposed to any friction as the mixer and tank plate are at no time in contact with each other.

Superior mixing control

The ZF mixer is controlled by an advanced electronic drive system that adjusts the mixers position, levitation, and speed 8000 times every second for the ultimate in mixer control.

High Efficient mixhead

The ZF mixer´s high efficiency mix head design in combination with the unique ZF no bearing design enables a superior mixing performance in
Low Shear applications. 


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